Concrete scanning before coring or drilling can save you time and money as well as ensure the safety of your employees. Scancor’s scanning services will give you the full picture of what is in your slab. Results can be marked on site very quickly and a written report will be provided.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses high frequency radio waves to penetrate the surface inside concrete walls, floors and ceilings. GPR is a new, real-time, non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that quickly and accurately locates the position and depth of embedded target such as post-tension cables, rebar, and electrical or conduits in concrete. GPR can, with a high degree of accuracy, locate targets to a depth of 12 inches or more in concrete.

GPR can detect:

  • Rebar or wire-mesh

  • Conduits 

  • Post-tension cables or other structural elements

  • Air pockets

  • Slab thickness and shape

The benefits of scanning include but are not limited to:

  • Locate Conduits, Rebar, Tension Cables, Voids, and PVC Pipes

  • Avoid Radiant-Floor Heat Pipes

  • Determine Slab Thickness

  • Quick and Accurate Inspection


Scancor has a wide range of drill bits that allow us to core drill almost any size up to 12” of smooth, round holes in just about any tight, awkward or remote location. From cisterns to foundation walls, we core drill precision holes in all types of structures and slabs. Scancor has the skilled operators to drill holes for plumbing, electrical and other applications vertically, horizontally and on an angle.